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Posted October 27, 2019 @ 11:43 am

What should a Private Process Server Service in Wisconsin mean to you? Though you most likely know what a Process Server is and does, as you probably hired Process Servers in Wisconsin previously and are now seeking the services of another or different process server in Milwaukee County or elsewhere.

As you have experienced, or perhaps not, Process Servers located in Wisconsin are not the same. Wisconsin Process Servers offer different fees, personalize special timed services, act differently and many have different and unpredictable ways of handling your important documents. Do not hire any Process Server in Wisconsin or anywhere else until you read the rest of this blog and visist our our pages on this website.

The various differences between Process Servers within Wisconsin may make planning your objectives and court deadlines challenging and even questionable, as no two process servers in Milwaukee County are alike and will perform (or not) services and generate proofs and affidavits that are usually inadequate. Unfortunately, average work and substandard work product has loomed over the Wisconsin process serving industry far too long .

The difference between Wisconsin Process Servers is plain and simple. Process serving within Wisconsinis mainly an unsophisticated  cottage industry. Most Process Servers are self-employed and work in accordance with their own timing and priorities. Many WisconsinProcess Servers, unfortunately, are challenged, at times overwhelmed, by client requests requiring understanding state and or federal statutes, civil rules of procedure, short deadlines and simple directives. It’s a realization that most experienced attorneys and paralegal professionals need a professional Process Server to properly serve process and that the Process Server handling your documents be more than a messenger, which most Process Servers in Wisconsin are, and most NOT be.

Throughout the past twenty-three years as professional licensed Process Server's in Wisconsin we learned cottage industry process servers serve an important role in the legal support services business yet they solely responsibility for and contribute to great variables with respect to reduced quality of work and inconsistent results. We are sure there are some exceptions, but they are far and few between. When you need a real and dedicated Process Server in Wisconsin you just landed at the right location. Please read on an see why A.C.E. Process Servers put the "Pro" in the proces and the "US" in trusting we will perform as needed.

A.C.E Process Servers in Wisconsin addressed the long time prevailing issues of process serving inconsistencies, uneducated and untimely services by creating a formalization manual of procedures, offer continuing education programs and utilize check lists to guide services as performed. Our management of process servers in Wisconsin act in a consistent manner and in so doing, have contributed to a 90% + success rate. Our way of conducting process serving services in Wisconsin are consistent, stable and predictable. Our Wisconsin agents are not party to the old way of handling services, as most are, but are employed with real time and modern day directives and systems to better service your needs. 

in Wisconsin, A.C.E. Process Servers defeat the notion all process servers are the same. Since 1999 A.C.E. Process Serving Services implemented a process service monitoring data base, real time reporting system to keep our clients updated and informed. We have a systematic approach to handling your Wisconsin process serving service and offer uniform procedures, guarded and secure information, and staff who are available to assist you by telephone and email on a real time basis. As we say, "no worries, we are on it!"  This is a motto we live by and aspire to. We provide peace of mind to our clients. Clients who are familiar with our Wisconsin services (or anyhwere else) have no worries when A.C.E. is in possession of papers to serve and when their are deadlines to meet. A.C.E.’s success rate for Wisconsin serving process upon defendants, respondents and witnesses are predicated upon a  “We Care” attitude which you will experience each time you hire us.

All Wisconsin Process Servers associated with A.C.E. offer same day services, specially planned services and specialize in locating difficult to serve people in Wisconsin. We will follow your directives, pay attention to rules and pride ourselves on being your modern day process server now and in the future.

When you are need of stability, consistency and guaranteed process service results, come to A.C.E. Process where our Wisconsin Process Servers are like soldiers carrying out strict orders and are tasked to assure your service request is handled with care and with positive results

A.C.E. Process Servers place our clients’ needs ahead of our own. When you hire us to perform process serving services in Wisconsin, expect excellent follow up and results, backed by a perfect proof or affidavit.

Enjoy the change of season and know we are here for you winter, spring, summer and fall

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